Welcome to mthxgaming! I am a new streamer as of January 2017 focusing on Super Smash Brother’s for the Wii U (Sm4sh), and Pokemon TCG and TCGO. I will also be streaming a variety of other games from time to time.


Days, Times, and Games are subject to change at my discretion as I continue to build out my channel.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10 am – 12pm: Pokemon TCGO 3pm – 5pm: Sm4sh/Random Game 10am – 12pm: Pokemon TCGO 6 am – 7:30am: Sm4sh 1pm – 3pm: Random Game
3pm – 6pm: Sm4sh 3pm – 6pm: Sm4sh

What should you expect?

For Sm4sh, streams will be a mix of tech work and labbing, viewer battles, Smash Ladder, and stream analysis.

For Pokemon TCGO, I’ll be doing deck building, strategy analysis, and limited viewer battles.