Getting Started

I’ve always been an avid gamer. Dating back to the NES, the first console I played on, I loved playing games. I would play just about anything, but a few standouts that I remember where the Mario Brothers series, Duck Hunt, Contra, Zelda, Harvest Moon, and many others. Years later I got myself a PS1, and eventually a PS2, which was the very first console that was “mine”. My favorite games were Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Though I know I played tons of others as well. A few of my friends had the N64 and I would often go to their houses to play games like GoldenEye 007, Super Smash Brothers, Perfect Dark, and Mario 64. In retrospect, I think I would have enjoyed having an N64 more than the PlayStation, but honestly they where both pretty awesome. I also remember renting an N64 from the local video store several times every summer just so I could binge play Smash64. Even in college, I continued to play games and got myself an Xbox360 where I became competitively good at Guitar Hero 3, Halo 3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I eventually ranked in the top 3 at my college for Guitar Hero.

Competitive Gaming

A few years into college, I decided to build my own custom PC and joined a gaming community, HellBoundSoldiers, who focused on the Call of Duty franchise. For about a year, I commanded 2 competitive Call of Duty Black Ops 2 teams as the Chief Tactical Officer for the community where we competed in the Team Warfare League. After my term as the CTO, I was promoted to the Commanding Officer of the Call of Duty regiment which oversaw both the competitive teams and the casual players of all the supported Call of Duty games. I maintained that position for a single term of 6 months. Because of my technical expertise with Linux administration and coding, I was promoted at the end of my term to the clans technical officer which oversaw the technical maintenance of all the game servers across all the supported games which included Call Of Duty, Minecraft, Rust, Battlefield, and many more. I maintained that position for about a year until the community split in 2 due to some sketchy practices being conducting by the clans Commander in Chief. I assisted the new community in getting up and running with their servers for a few months, but decided to retire from Call of Duty, and to leave the community. I still occasionally get called upon to assist with technical upgrades periodically as my knowledge and experience with Linux administration was critical in getting the new clan up and running.

Fast forward a few years and I am back at it again. Although this time with Super Smash Bros for the Wii U, or more commonly referred to as Sm4sh. I’ve always enjoyed playing this game in all its iterations and now I am excited to be able to take it to the next level!


Recent Posts

Standard: Overcharge – Revision 1

Pokemon – 13 2: Jolteon EX (28/Gen) 3: Raikou (55/BT) 1: Regice (24/AO) 1: Glaceon EX (116/FC) 1: Kingdra EX (122/FC) 2: Magnemite (51/BT) 2: Magnazone (54/Gen) 1: Shaymin EX (77/RS) Trainers – 33 Supporters 2: Shauna (72/G) 2: Professor Sycamore (101/PF) 2: N (96/BW) 1: Professor Birche’s Observations (134/PC) 1: Teammates (141/PC) 1: Clemont (59/Gen) […]

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Sm4sh at Legacy Games – 11/13/16

Singles I did extremely well this week and actually, much to my surprise, took 1st place overall! It was a smaller group of only 7 participants, so we opted to do Round Robin, rather than Double Elimination. Round 2 – vs Elray (Roy) I’m not sure exactly how many times now that I’ve gone up against […]

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Sm4sh at Level Up Games – 11/03/16

Winners Round 1 – vs. Michael (Corrin) Round 1 went pretty well for me. This might be the second time I’ve gone up against Michael, but it’s the 5th Corrin match I have done. This one finally pushed this match up into the positive for me, with a 3-2 record. I don’t recall a lot of […]

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Expanded: Beheeyem Break – Revision 1

Pokemon – 18 2: Mewtwo EX (Legendary Treasures) 1: Mewtwo EX (Breakthrough) 2: Mega Mewtwo Y (Breakthrough) 1: Jinx (Furious Fists) 4: Elgyem (Breakthrough) 3: Beheeyem (Breakthrough) 2: Beheeyem Break (Breakthrough) 1: Deoxys (Roaring Skies) 1: Cresselia (Breakthrough) 1: Mr. Mime (Breakthrough) Trainers – 29 2: Mewtwo Spirit Link (Breakthrough) 1: Evosoda 3: VS Seaker […]

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Beheeyem Break Expanded – Initial Build

Pokemon – 18 Mewtwo EX (Legendary Treasures) – 2 Mega Mewtwo Y (Breakthrough) – 1 Gengar EX (Phantom Forces) – 1 Jinx (Furious Fists) – 1 Elgyem (Breakthrough) – 4 Beheeyem (Breakthrough) – 3 Beheeyem Break (Breakthrough) – 2 Deoxys (Roaring Skies) – 2 Cresselia (Breakthrough) – 1 Mr. Mime (Breakthrough) – 1 Trainers – […]

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Sm4sh at Legacy Games in Rosemount – 10/19/2016

New Tournament Series This is the first time I have attended the Wednesday night Rosemount Legacy Games tournament. I’ve attended their Shakopee tournament multiple times in the past. To my understanding. this particular tournament only started up a few weeks ago. The store is pretty nice, and is only about 30-35 minutes from Northfield, making […]

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Sm4sh at Legacy Games – 10/16/16

Singles I did really well this week at the Legacy games tournament. I managed to make it to losers round 3, with 2 wins and 2 losses. I played very strong and consistently, though I discovered a few new things to focus on improving. Round 1 – vs Junii (Mario, Bowser) In round 1, Junii […]

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Sm4sh at Level Up Games – 10/13/16

Singles This will be a relatively short post. This tournament didn’t go particularly well. I had 2 pretty bad match ups which led to me getting double eliminated right out of the gate. My first match was against Failbot, who I have now met in bracket 3 times. He beat me 2-0. I do feel […]

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Games N Geek Monthly – 10/8/16

TOing Another very successful tournament! My role in TO’ing was largely minimized this time around. Aside from a lot of prep work for the tournament including organization, advertisement, and technology, my role the day of the tournament consisted largely of overseeing and managing the recordings. This is because the owners of Games N Geek wanted […]

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Crash the Hall of Fame – Arcadian 2016

The Event Crash the hall of fame is an Arcadian put on by DownB on a yearly bases. An Arcadian is an event where only non ranked players are allowed to participate, to complete against each other. It’s a lot of fun, because you don’t have to worry about getting knocked out by one of […]

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