Standard: Overcharge – Revision 1

Pokemon – 13

2: Jolteon EX (28/Gen)

3: Raikou (55/BT)

1: Regice (24/AO)

1: Glaceon EX (116/FC)

1: Kingdra EX (122/FC)

2: Magnemite (51/BT)

2: Magnazone (54/Gen)

1: Shaymin EX (77/RS)

Trainers – 33


2: Shauna (72/G)

2: Professor Sycamore (101/PF)

2: N (96/BW)

1: Professor Birche’s Observations (134/PC)

1: Teammates (141/PC)

1: Clemont (59/Gen)

1: Pokemon Ranger (104/SS)

2: Skyla (148/BT)

1: Lysander (78/AO)

1: Fisherman (136/BT)

1: Ninja Boy (193/SS)


2: Rare Candy (135/PC)

1: Heavy Ball (140/BT)

1: Ultra Ball (93/RS)

2: Energy Retrieval (126/PC)

2: Professors Letter (123/XYBS)

1: Escape Rope (127/PC)

2: VS Seeker (109/PF)

Stadiums and Tools

3: Rough Seas (137/PC)

4: Fighting Fury Belt (99/BP)

Energies – 14

7: Electric

3: Water

3: Double Colorless

1: Double Dragon

Deck Strategy

Utilize Raikou with 3 electric energies to deal out 110 + damage without risking an EX knockout. Great for early game because a single attached Electric energy reduces damage done to Raikou, and can act as cannon fodder with a fighting fury belt while the bench is set up.

Jolteon EX can act as a stall or a sweep card if opponent rely’s heavily on Basic’s, including Basic EX’s. Glaceon fills the same role but for evolutionary Pokemon, and Mega EX’s. Regice is an alternative option that covers any kind of EX.

Kingdra acts as a heavy hitter. Attach 3+ electric energies and it does 150+ damage per hit. It can cap out at 280 with 7 Electric Energies and a Fighting Fury Belt.

Magnazone is critical to this deck. Rare candy a Magnamite to a Magnazone, and it allows for attaching as many electric energies per turn. That coupled with 2 Energy Retrievals, a Fisherman, a Clemont and 2 Professors Letters allows for near instant powering up of any Pokemon in play. Skyla, Heavy ball and Ultra balls are included to help get Magnamite, Magnazone, and Rare Candy.

Rough Seas should be in play as often as possible in order to negate any damage done by bench sniping. It also positively effects every Pokemon in this deck except Kingdra. Jolteons free retreat also allows for free heals over time while a secondary attacker takes the active spot.

Shaymin for Set Up ability

With the exception of Magnemite + Rare Candy + Magnazone, there is very little multi-card setup requirements in this deck. 7 different shuffle cards (Shauna x2, Professor Sycamore x2, N x2, Professor Birche x1) are included and intended to be used very frequently to keep a fresh and full hand. Nearly every Pokemon can attack with 2-3 energies utilizing a DCE, so power-ups should be quick, especially if Magnazone is set up.


Consistency mostly. When my deck works as intended, its decently fast, and between Jolteon/Glacion/Regice, I can prevent my opponent from doing much of anything to my active Pokemon. But even with 7 shuffle cards, to often I get stuck with a hand I can’t use, or I play down to 0-2 cards in my hand and get stuck until I get a redraw card. Magnazone is my only real multi-card setup in this deck, but I can only get him out early game about 70% of the time.

Energies are typically not an issue, since almost all the Pokemon can be satisfied with a single basic and a DCE, allowing me to stack my extra Electrics on either Raikou or Kingdra for damage output. If I run out of energies (which happens frequently during mid/late game), as long as Magnazone is set up, I just wait for my Pokemon to get knocked out, move in a new attacker and then energy retrieval/fisherman all my energies back and use Magnazone to fully power up my new attacker.

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