Sm4sh at Legacy Games – 11/13/16


I did extremely well this week and actually, much to my surprise, took 1st place overall! It was a smaller group of only 7 participants, so we opted to do Round Robin, rather than Double Elimination.

Round 2 – vs Elray (Roy)

I’m not sure exactly how many times now that I’ve gone up against Elray, but it’s got to be around 4 times in tournament. Additionally, I have played friendlies with him quite a bit. The results of this match where similar to those in the previous matches. I was not as focused during this match as a should have been, and while I did win with a 2-0, I felt like I made a lot of clumsy mistakes. I can’t put my finger on any 1 specific mistake, just general clumsiness.

Round 3 – vs Eigo (Sonic, Cloud)

This was a really good match for me. I’ve now gone up against Eigo about 3-4 times in tournament, and with the exception of the first counter where I lost, I have won every time. Though I think this was the first time I went 2-0 against him. After my previous clumsy match against Elray, I went into this match much more focused. During our first game, against his Sonic, I ended up taking him past 120% before he even touched me. At that point, he completely changed tactics and player hyper defensively, often running away from me. I eventually got a grab, and threw him off the top around 150%. At this point I had about 40%. The second stock he continued to play very defensively, but in the end I did come out ahead.

For our second match, he switched to Cloud. He’s had better luck with his Cloud against me, as his Sonic has yet to take a game off my Mewtwo, where as his Cloud has. We both started off pretty even, but I soon decided to start playing more defensively as well. Allowing him to make approaches and then I punish them. Unfortunately, his approaches are not well refined yet, and he leaves himself open a lot. Once I noticed the pattern of his full hop nair approaches, I would simply hold shield, take the hit, and then down tilt him into the occasional follow up. His first stock was lost unexpectedly when he used a limit up special recovery, and I 2 framed him with my down air, spiking him into the stage and sealing the stock. The second stock concluded with me getting an up smash after a failed approach.

Round 4 – vs FireCat (Lucina)

For those of you that don’t know, FireCat is actually my wife. We practice together all of the time, so we are quite familiar with each other habits. That being said, I typically beat her in most friendlies and training. Recently though, she has been showing significant improvement, ever since switching from Dark Pit to Lucina. All that being said, I ended up winning with a 2-0.

During our first game, we went to Smashville. Nothing particularly crazy happened until the end, when she opted to challenge me on the platform as it was at it furthest point towards the blast zone. I ended up getting a grab and back through her around 50%, killing an early kill.

Round 2 was kinda funny. She had knocked me quite a ways off stage. I decided to throw a moderately charged shadow ball back to stage to cover my return, unfortunately the momentum of the shadow ball pushed be into the blast zone. An unfortunate, but kind of funny SD.

Round 5 – vs Ladon (Charizard)

This was, by far, the most challenging, and enjoyable match of the night. This is the 3rd time I’ve come up against Ladon in tournament. Once at the Level up weekly, and once at the Legacy weekly. In both of those encounters, I solidly lost 2-0 against him. I didn’t really expect to win this match, but I did intend to play my best.

I don’t remember a lot about round 1, other than he won, and it was moderately close. Round 2 and 3 both went to me though, and they where both fantastic! I took Ladon to Town and City for Round 2, hoping to get a decently early kill off the top. Unfortunately, it never panned out that way, and I ended up getting sent of the top instead. For my fill kill, nailed a fair while he was around 150%. The second stock was hilarious. We where both at kill percents for a while. Neither of us was able to get off anything more than a quick jab. His weight kept him alive for 3 different moves that I expected to kill. But he always managed to get back to stage. Towards the end. I charged up a shadow ball and just stood there, waiting for him to approach in some way. He was very careful not to be hit by it though. In the end, he attempted his up special to send me off the top. I had managed to shield it just in time, and caught him with an up smash, winning the round.

For round 3, he started off march stronger than I, having taken my first stock, and put about 40% on my second before I managed to take his first. Upon him spawning in though, I stringed together multiple hits getting him up to about 60%, and evening out the game. Again, it came down to a last hit, last stock scenario, with me eventually getting the much desired up smash and winning the set!

Round 6 – vs Street (Toon Link)

I’ve played a few Links and Toon Links at this point. For the most part, I have gone even or lost to them. I think this might be the first time I’ve actually beaten a Toon Link in tournament.

At first, I played very aggressively, trying to stay within Toon Links wall of projectiles, making them less effective. This strategy worked, but I was taking a lot of unnecessary damage. Towards the end, I decided to completely change my strategy and play excessively defensive. Basically, I stood on the edge and shielded or dodged all of his projectiles. Then when he approached I would either run to the other side, or punish an opening. This went on for a good minute or 2 at least. Each time I would get a hit, it would only be 1 or 2 hits, but the damage did add up. Additionally, I would infrequently reflect 1 of his projectiles to change things up. In fact, I intentionally did not reflect most of what he threw at me, so as to condition him to continue spamming, leaving him open to being hit by own of his own bombs or boomerangs. This strategy proved to be very effective, and won me both games without endangering myself to much.

Round 7 – vs Samilton (Yoshi, Corrin)

This is the 2nd Yoshi I have faced in tournament. Not a lot to say about this match. I played very strongly against Yoshi getting a spike at about 30%, and taking the second stock pretty quickly as well. Against Corrin, Samilton unfortunately SD’ed twice, making it a very quick game. I would have a hard time judging this player’s ability by our set, because of unfortunate inputs, and a lucky spike. I am sure I will come up against him again in tournament, and hopefully things play out a bit better.


I am continuing to improve and at times, it shows. I still have some issue with consistency, though I feel like that is becoming less of an issue. I’ve noticed though that if I am not in the right mindset, like at the tournament I attended last Wednesday, I simply can’t play well. During that tournament, I knew pretty quickly that I wasn’t focused, so I opted to switch to fun character and not worry about winning, just having fun. That helped a lot. Today’s tournament though, I was much more focused except during the first game. That focus allowed me to play very well and consistently, but even to take a set off of someone who had previously 2-0’d me twice! I’m very happy with my progress, and am hoping to continue to see it grow!


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