Sm4sh at Level Up Games – 11/03/16

Winners Round 1 – vs. Michael (Corrin)

Round 1 went pretty well for me. This might be the second time I’ve gone up against Michael, but it’s the 5th Corrin match I have done. This one finally pushed this match up into the positive for me, with a 3-2 record. I don’t recall a lot of specific about the match, but I do remember that I played very well, and took the set without to much difficulty. From what I recall, I believe I had beaten Michael once before, but in a much closer game. Progress!

Winners Round 2 – vs. Shinjoebi (Greninja)

For those that don’t know, Shinjoebi is currently the #1 ranked Sm4sh player in Minnesota. I went into this match knowing full well that I didn’t stand a chance, but I was really looking forward to it for the experience. It’s not every day that you get to go up against a top ranked player, unless you are also a high ranked player. I went into this match with the goal of taking a stock off him. Not only did I complete that goal, but I actually managed to take a stock off him in both games!

During our first game, to which we went to Omega Pokemon league for obvious reasons (Mewtwo vs. Greninja), I ended up taking him to 15% on his second stock. One thing I definitely noticed, is once I got the first stock off him, he became MUCH harder to hit. During our second game, I counter picked to Dreamland. Again, I took a stock, and even had him up to 70+% on his second. And also again, after taking his first stock he became much harder to hit and to avoid being hit by. I felt that I played extraordinarily well despite being completely outclassed. And yes, I am well aware of that fact that he was likely sandbagging during his first stock both games, but that doesn’t diminish how well I was playing, and how much damage I was able to do to him on his second stock during the second game.

Losers Round 2 – vs. Dionysus (Zelda)

Ah, the match that kicked me out of bracket. At some point I will write up a post that includes Losers Round 3, 4, 5 and so on. Regardless though, this was my first time going up against a Zelda. I had a pretty good idea of what to look out for such as her reflect, her various projectiles, and her deadly up smash, etc. I played pretty solidly in the match, and only lost by a small margin. In our second game, I made a critical timing error. Zelda was charging her Knight projectile, which I am capable of reflecting. I was hanging on ledge and attempted my edge reflect get up. I usually use to this flip an opponent who is aggressively edge guarding me right at the edge, but it has proven effective to counter projectiles on occasion. In this case, the reflect was intended to flip the Knight and potentially kill Zelda. Unfortunately I mis-timed it and my reflect came out a hair to late. I took the hit but was able to get back to stage. The second mistake I made was missing the ledge when I teleported back, and I accidentally landed above stage, and fell into Zelda’s up smash. I don’t feel to bad about this match though. I played consistently well throughout the night, including this match, I simply made a few mistakes which cost me the tournament. The teleport mishap is extremely unfortunate, but even if I had teleported correctly, the match could still have gone either way.

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