Sm4sh at Legacy Games in Rosemount – 10/19/2016

New Tournament Series

This is the first time I have attended the Wednesday night Rosemount Legacy Games tournament. I’ve attended their Shakopee tournament multiple times in the past. To my understanding. this particular tournament only started up a few weeks ago. The store is pretty nice, and is only about 30-35 minutes from Northfield, making it one of the closest tournament venues, excluding our own Northfield event of course.


There where only 6 entrants into this tournament, including myself. It’s definitely the smallest tournament I have attended to date. What was interesting is that I believe 5 of the 6 entrants where from Northfield. Because of the small number of participants, the organizer¬†opted to run the bracket in a Round Robin format, which basically allowed everyone to play 5 games, 1 against each other player, rather than having half of the individuals get eliminated after only 2-3 games. While Round Robin is not particularly feasible at larger events, I actually prefer it, as it gives all players more play time, and also provides a more accurate ranking in the end.

In this tournament, I played against 3 Clouds, a Lucina, a Fox, and a Greninja. I don’t recall exactly which people played what characters, except that the Fox player switched to Cloud after our first game. I played very strongly from game 1, all the way through game 10. So well in fact, that I actually won the tournament with a 10-0 record, having beat every player without dropping even a single game. I’ll be the first to admit that the competition was not at the same level as the big¬†monthly or big weekly, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that the progress I have felt I have been making has finally paid off, in both a figurative and literal sense, since I actually took money home!

Furthermore, this is the 3rd tournament in the last week and a half (out of 4) where I have made actual progress in bracket. In the past when I made it past round 2, it was at an event surrounded by events where I got knocked out in Round 1. Obviously, 4 is not a particularly large sample size, but I am hopeful that these are indicators that suggest real tangible progress.

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