Sm4sh at Level Up Games – 10/13/16


This will be a relatively short post. This tournament didn’t go particularly well. I had 2 pretty bad match ups which led to me getting double eliminated right out of the gate. My first match was against Failbot, who I have now met in bracket 3 times. He beat me 2-0. I do feel that I held my own against him a bit better than in the past, and the games where closer, but in the end he stillĀ sent me to losers. My second round was against Nameless, who is ranked #7 in Minnesota. Facing him in losers was unexpected, but the results of our match, 0-2 in his favor, where not unexpected. I did take stocks in both of ourĀ games, but none of the games where particularly close.


After the tournament, I ended up playing friendlies with Fake Mang0, a Bayonetta player. In the past, I wasn’t able to do much against her Bayonetta, however I took quite a few games off her this time. That is some solid indication of progress. I also money matched Yeti, who is ranked #6 in Minnesota, to a best 3 out of 5. While I had no illusion of winning, I was looking forward to the experience since I have never played him in tournament yet. He pulled out his Captain Falcon against my Mewtwo. I’ve actually had pretty good luck against Captain Falcons in the past. During our money match, I actually managed to take a game off him. Of course, he ended up winning 3-1, but I still did remarkably better than I had expected. Only our last game was completely one sided. By that time, he had figured out my play style well enough that I couldn’t do much against him. Being able to adapt is something that I am starting to get better at, but clearly I lag far behind him in that regard.

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