Games N Geek Monthly – 10/8/16


Another very successful tournament! My role in TO’ing was largely minimized this time around. Aside from a lot of prep work for the tournament including organization, advertisement, and technology, my role the day of the tournament consisted largely of overseeing and managing the recordings. This is because the owners of Games N Geek wanted to run the Sm4sh tournament themselves, after having observed me do it in August. This was pretty awesome, as it free’d me up to focus on competing in the tournament itself, along with running the recordings.

That actually brings me to a pretty exciting piece of our tournament. One of our setups was hooked up to recording equipment, and all matches for both singles and doubles that took place at that setup where recorded! This is something I wish more tournaments would do more of, but I say that knowing full well the costs in equipment and required man power to do such a thing. Despite that though, I think it is worth putting the extra effort into and am really happy that we did. We also intend to continue doing this going forward, with hopes to acquire more equipment to record even more setups!


Singles went really well for me. I had just come off playing doubles, which I will get into a bit more shortly, so my very first match was a bit rocky. I should have asked for a hand warmer to get re-accustomed to Mewtwo. I didn’t realize how uncoordinated I would be going into this match. I ended up playing against Nic and his Toon Link. I lost the first game, but managed to warm up and bring back 2 solid wins, taking the set. You can view the entire match below.

My second match put me up against Van’s Greninja. Dispite having quite a few notable Greninja players in Minnesota, I have never actually encountered one in tournament yet. I ended up going 0-2, managing to take only 1 stock off Van in total. Van continued on in winners bracket and took the tournament!

My third match was against Arch and his Shiek and Mario. I’ve encountered quite a few Mario’s, and even a few Shieks in tournaments now. I was pretty confident in both the matchups, and ended up taking the set 2-0!


My last match was against Koga and his Meta Knight. I’ve played against Meta Knight a few times in friendlies, but to be honest I didn’t really know the match up. After having found out who my oponent was, I attempted to do some research into the match up and learn what I should expect, but that is a far cry from putting that knowledge into practice. I ended up losing 0-2, but I did take stocks both games.

Overall, I felt I played very strongly in all my matches, even those I went 0-2 in. I am definitely making progress slowly, and it is starting to show!


Doubles went extremely well! I ended up partnering with CaNon. Our team consisted of his Kirby, and my Jigglypuff. Our team name was of course, the Attacking Gumballs. I mean, what else could our team name possibly be?

There where only 6 teams that entered into the tournament, so we ran it in a Round Robin format. This allowed every team to fight every other team, giving a much truer ranking all the way from first to last place. CaNon and I ended up placing 2nd, having only lost 1 game, and that was to the team that took first. Our final count was 5-1. Below are a few recordings of our matches. We managed to play half of our games on the recording setup.




All in all, this was a really great tournament! The turnout was not quite as large as the previous event, but that is likely due to competing with the regional that took place the same day in Dearborn Michigan, Big House 6. We went into this tournament expecting about 1/2 the tournament because of the regional, and that is pretty much what we got. We expect next month’s turnout to be more similar to our initial tournament. I played really well throughout both singles and doubles. I am continuing to see improvement, and it might finally be starting to show in bracket!

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