Website Relaunch

I’ll be entirely honest. I have not done a very good job maintaining my own site. I haven’t posted much content, and was just blatantly not using it. Well, yesterday I decided to visit my own website. Hadn’t done that in quite a while. I was kind of surprised to find that it was not functional at all. I considered spending some time fixing it, but after a bit of thought I decided to take this opportunity to completely rethink the purpose of my site.

So with that all in mind, I’ve decided to move off of Jekyll, a static site generator, and onto something a bit more…well, more. That would be WordPress. I’ve been using Google Plus and Facebook a fair bit in the last year or so to post what essentially are blog posts. Both platforms do lend themselves well for that, however I think it is more appropriate moving forward to maintain an actual blog and simply reshare my posts to those platforms. That is one of the purposes this site will serve. I’ve already started migrating various posts from those platforms to this blog, and will continue to backport things dating back into 2015.

Furthermore, I have several endeavors I am pursuing right now that could benefit from having a more centralized hub to track and report on. Those endeavors include

  • Improving my knowledge and skills with Linux and associated technologies
  • Improving my fitness and health primarily through the following means
    • Running
    • Swimming
    • Crossfit
  • Becoming a competitive Sm4sh player

I have also been doing an increasing amount of Linux and Web consulting over the last 2 years, and have decided that I need a place to showcase what I have done, and what I can do. While at the moment, consulting is not something I am actively pursuing, that may change at any time and this will help me be prepared for that when and if the time arrives.

Since I just set up this site yesterday, it’s likely a lot of things will still change in the coming days/weeks as I figure out how best to organize and utilize this site. So enjoy the fluidity of what you see in front of you.

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